Since its establishment in 2013, Equi Foundation has been passionately equipping the hurt. We are dedicated to giving survivors of road accidents and family violence victims the necessary tools to surmount their various challenges and create new pathways for themselves. At Equi Foundation, we take a holistic approach to restoring the physical, social and economic well-being of our clients and mitigating the long-term complications associated with car accidents and domestic violence.

Equi Foundation delivers survivors of road accidents and victims of family violence the following services:

  1. We register uninsured patients for the National Health Insurance Scheme
  2. We assist with medical expenses for those unable to afford the cost of medical treatment
  3. We allow for greater accessibility to hospitals and clinics by offering transportation to people with difficulty accessing health care facilities
  4. We operate food banks to supplement the nutritional needs of our clients


The vision of Equi Foundation is to be an international humanitarian organization that contributes to the development of the Ghanaian nation both on a micro and macro level. We aim to serve as a social anchor for survivors of road accident and victims of family violence by guiding them on their path to achieving optimal physical and mental health. Equi Foundation aspires to see a Ghanaian society where every member can access appropriate and cost-effective primary and secondary health care without undergoing discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, age or religion.


  1. Educate Ghanaian citizens and create awareness on preventative methods of road accidents and family violence via public campaigns and other initiatives.
  2. Provide accident survivors and family violence victims with medical care, proper nutrition and counselling ensuring their ability to become healthy and productive members of society.
  3. To initiate a dialogue with law and policy makers, and advocate for accessible and affordable primary and secondary health care provisions.